Our partners

Tianjin Xingang Shipyard is located at the mouth of the Haihe River, on the northern shore of the Bohai Sea, east of the port of Tianjin and is part of the CSIC group of companies - a state holding company that unites shipbuilding assets in northern China. The plant was founded in 1940 and was initially located 20 kilometers from the mouth of the river, and from 2018 the plant acquired new production facilities at the mouth of the river, and a modern city now blooms on the site of the old plant.

Since 2019, we have established a formal partnership with the plant, and using the power of our partner, we conclude direct contracts in Russia for the implementation of complex, emergency repairs and construction of offshore facilities (vessels) and other structures in China. Working as official partners, we provide a high level of opportunities in the implementation of the most complex projects.


In 2019, in order to provide a comprehensive range of services in the shipbuilding and ship repair market, we created a partnership with the company LOTSMAN INNOVATION BUREAU. The company was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing services in the direction of research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences The founder of the company is Prof. Vladimir Nikolayevich Tryaskin.

Specialist in the design of hull structure and the development of computer-aided design of hull and ship hull structures, head of the department of ship construction and technical operation since 2001, scientific director of the teaching and research laboratory "Automated design of ship structures, systems and devices".

For over 20 years, he has been reading the basic course “Ship hull design” for students of the faculty of shipbuilding and ocean engineering. They have developed and over 10 years have been taught such disciplines as “Design of ship structures”, hull structures for ice-floating vessels, ”“ Hull structures for surface ships ”and a number of others.

Developed the concept of teaching basic disciplines on specialization, is the head of the methodical seminar of the department on teaching disciplines related to the design of hull structures. The main scientific directions are the design of hull structures of vessels operating in ice, the automated design of hull structures, the development of regulatory requirements for a hull in the Rules of the Register of the Russian Federation, the author of numerous articles and a number of teaching aids.

NPO “KASKAD” LLC specializes in the development, design and production of aerosol volumetric fire extinguishing systems (AOT). The equipment of AOT systems is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), the Russian River Register (PPP), the Italian Register of Shipping RINA, the International Register of Shipping IRS and the Taiwan Register of Shipping CCRS.

Valkom is a developer and manufacturer of high-precision intelligent sensors and automation systems based on them. Products "Valkom" approved for use in the most demanding industries, including the explosive and special industries.

The Russian company "Valkom" has been operating since 1997. Valkom is a developer and manufacturer of high-precision intelligent sensors and automation systems based on them. Products "Valkom" approved for use in the most demanding industries, including the explosive and special industries.

The research center and production base of Valkom is located in St. Petersburg. All automation systems supplied by Valkom are equipped with their own products, which allows us to guarantee customers the speed of delivery and the highest reliability of the systems. Abroad, Valkom products are manufactured and serviced under license from the Danish company API Marine (www.api-marine.com).

The Valkom company carries out orders of any complexity for the supply of sensors and automation systems for tankers, gas carriers, offshore oil and gas terminals, onshore oil depots, as well as offshore drilling platforms, floats, icebreakers, naval ships and other complex objects. The company is constantly working with the largest Russian shipbuilding companies, Russian oil companies.

Valkom company carries out a full cycle of works on equipping various objects with sensors and automation systems: development and production of sensors, design and assembly of automation systems, delivery and commissioning at shipyards in Russia and around the world. The quality system of business processes “Valkom” complies with ISO 9001: 2011.

St. Petersburg Diesel Parts Plant

St. Petersburg Diesel Parts Plant (hereinafter SPb ZDZ) is organized by the specialists of the Russky Diesel Plant (hereinafter referred to as RD), which produced marine diesel engines and power plants of the original design, as well as under licenses of the Wartsila and MAN concerns Pielstick.

Our plant in the role of the service of Russky Diesel (after its closure without legal successors) since 2004 has been overhauling diesel engines and their servicing, mainly production of taxiways, on more than 130 vessels, four nuclear power plants and the Moscow Metro.

Besides works on MRTO, on the class and emergency (at ship repair), on software and on CPD (on diesel electric stations), the plant also performs factory works (on the fact of engine fault detection) directly at facilities using special equipment and processing machines.

Navis is one of the leading suppliers of automated ship motion control systems to the Russian and global shipbuilding markets.
NAVIS ENGINEERING designs and manufactures dynamic positioning and control systems for various types of ships - ships, cruise and ferry, work and special ships.

For each type, NAVIS ENGINEERING offers systems tailored to your specific operational needs or requirements.
25 years in the marine industry. Since the company's first experience in the early 1980s, NAVIS ENGINEERING has continued to focus on the field of traffic management. Regardless of the type of vessel or product that NAVIS ENGINEERING supplies, the company shares with you knowledge that is one of our main assets.
NAVIS ENGINEERING provides lifelong support for its equipment and service where it is needed.

The company is registered in Tianjin since 2005 and works on the whole coast of the PRC. Throughout all these years we have been providing high-quality service for both domestic and overseas customers. We work with many regional shipping companies. Our staff employs only highly qualified professional staff who are ready to come to your aid at any time.

Our goal is to provide services that provide maximum quality and comfort. To do this, we rely on our corporate culture, the technical knowledge of our employees, and our extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative technical solutions.

Polarmar is a developer and manufacturer of marine equipment. APS and SUTS for river and sea vessels; Refinement of marine air conditioners "Daikin" for the Navy; Equipment for monitoring fuel consumption, state and movement of vessels (GLONASS); Computer upgrade radar; Integrated supply of integrated bridges, including design development, modeling, design, manufacture and supply; Power supply and energy saving systems; BTO GMDSS.

In accordance with the results of December 8, 2015. inspection control by the certification body of the certificate of the Federal Agency of Public Administration "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping" decided to renew the certificate number BP 39.1.8030-2014 on the compliance of the quality management system Polarmar LLC with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011, GOST RV 0015-002- 2012

NovoFlot Company specializes in timely delivery of high-quality ship spare parts and equipment. Spare parts for ship engines and generators, bearings, shock absorbers, ship fittings, ship pumps, compressors and spare parts for them, ship coolers and much more. Guaranteed delivery of goods on time - the main advantage of the company.

In the company NovoFlot you can order any spare parts for ship engines. We supply a complete set of spare parts: piston group parts, cylinder block, pumps, drives, tanks, pipeline elements, filters, electrical equipment. Separately we select coolers, compressors.