Products supplied by the company

Winches and Cranes.

Our winches can have a different configuration and device depending on the purpose and customer requirements.
We produce: spiers; windshields; cargo winches, topenant towing; special purpose marine winches in transit, (cable, cable); marine anchoring systems; marine crane installations.
Our equipment can be equipped with both electric and hydraulic drive. The winch control system can be optimally implemented depending on the tasks. At the request of the customer, components (drives, inverters, control and monitoring panels) of various manufacturers from Europe, Asia, and Russia can be used.

We implement such functions as maintaining the force on the hook, linear velocity, relative velocity under varying operating conditions (waves, currents, wind, etc.). The winch control system or directly the operator can control the length of the etched cable, force, speed and other parameters. We provide our winches either with fixed or portable control panels with touch controls and with the necessary IP protection class. The equipment we produce can be certified by the RMRS or other classification societies, upon request of the customer.


We manufacture valves from various materials. Our products have both a standard range of sizes and custom manufacturing. Our valves are designed to work in various systems, environments and are used in many industries (metallurgical, oil and gas, energy, resource supply, housing and communal services, marine).
We produce: clinkers, butterfly valves, non-return valves, ball valves, disk valves, flange filters, automatic control valves, sluice valves, air dampers of the OV and K systems louver type, open and closed valves for various purposes, air / gas butterfly valves, rubber expansion valves, emergency gas / oil shut-off valves and other valves.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

We supply, install and maintain the electrochemical sterilization ballast water purification systems. The stations are very easy to operate, virtually maintenance free. Our stations took the first place among the analogues in the ranking in Japan in 2018. Distinguished by small size, low power consumption, lack of filters, ease of installation, relatively inexpensive cost, availability of service base, we create competition for more well-known systems in the global market.
MARINOMATE BWMS provides ballast water treatment in accordance with the IMO D2 standard as follows: ballast water is pumped into the plankiIlpipe ™ unit of the MARINOMATE ™ BWMS installation from the kingston box with a ballast pump. The plankill pipe ™ block damages and damages aquatic organisms through physical collision and turbulence. Damaged organisms are effectively disinfected with Residual Oxidants (TRO) generated in the electrolysis plant, and cannot be restored by residual chlorine in a ballast tank. In order to minimize the harmful effects on the marine ecosystem, to neutralize the residual chlorine of the treated water in the ballast tank, as a neutralizing agent, a 25% sodium thiosulfate solution is added directly to the ballast pipeline using a dosing pump.