Services provided by the company

Repair of ship electrical machines and electrical equipment.

The main types of work performed by our specialists in this area are diagnostics, repairs (current / medium / capital), testing of ship electrical machines and electrical equipment in the hull of the vessel and in the onshore production workshop.

Repair and modernization of ship automation equipment, ISTS. Check instrumentation.

The main activities of our specialists in this area are diagnostics, repairs (current / medium / capital), upgrading testing of ship automation equipment (electrical, electronic, pneumatic) in the hull of the vessel and in the onshore production laboratory of automation, checking instrumentation.

Electrical installation of ship equipment.

The main activities on this site are: development and coordination with the Register (RMRS; PPP) of projects for installation, installation of new electrical equipment and automation equipment according to the technical specifications of the Customer, taking into account the Requirements of IMO International Conventions (SOLAS - 74/88; MARPOL - 73 / 78); wiring, modernization and commissioning of electrical equipment, automation equipment on sea and river vessels and floating structures, including new shipbuilding.

Production, installation of MSB, ARSH, control panels.

At our production site, we organized and certified a workshop for the manufacture of the main switchboard, emergency switchboard, control panels. We produce: execution and coordination of projects of shields; manufacture and saturation of shields; certification of RMRS manufactured equipment; installation and connection of shields to the ship network.

Production, sale, service of winches and cranes.

Our company is the official representative on the territory of the Russian Federation of the Chinese machine-building plant Liwei Group / OET Offshore Equipment Technology Co., Ltd and having many years of experience working with it, we fulfill orders for the design, manufacture and supply of winches for various purposes and other special purpose cargo devices customers. In addition, we are a service center and carry out repairs, service maintenance of already supplied equipment from this manufacturer. Our winches have been operated in Russia since 2013 in the coal mines of the Russian Federation, on the NIS Academician Boris Petrov, on the NIS Yuzhmorgeologiya, NIS Gelendzhik, MPV Everest Multifunctional Ice-class vessel, on the shipboat carrying capacity of 40,000 tons, owned by the Zvezda SSC. Abroad, our equipment is widely represented in maritime transport, in the railway sector, on oil production platforms in positioning systems, etc.

Production, Sale, service of ballast water treatment systems.

Our company is the exclusive official representative and service center of the South Korean plant Korea Top Marine Co., Ltd, which produces the ballast water treatment plant MARINOMATE (with a capacity of 150m3 to 2400m3). Stations differ from competitors' stations in small size and low power consumption, lack of filters and relative ease of installation. Since 2019, we have been supplying this equipment to the Russian market. Our plants ranked first in the ranking in Japan in 2018.

Calculation of the compliance of the floating structures with the requirements of the RMRS.

As an official partner of the Innovation Bureau "Lotsman", we support research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences in relation to modern shipbuilding and ship repair. Verification of compliance of floating docks, ships with the requirements of the RMRS rules. Evaluation of the technical condition of the hulls of floating objects. Development of recommendations for ice safety (Ice certificate).